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Mobile home bathtubs are NOT the same as those used in site built houses because they don’t have overflows. In addition they are supported above the floor so the drain line can go under the tub and down through the floor. You do not want to attempt to put a tub designed for a site built house into your mobile home!!!

Many homes come with plastic cove around the edge of the tub to keep water from the shower or happy splashing from running down the walls and under the tub. This material frequently loosens with age and the walls begin to fail because they are getting wet. None of the sealing material I found in home improvement stores ever fixed the problem for long.

I finally found mobile home supply places sometimes carry aluminum bathtub cove. This was a formed aluminum strip about two inches wide that is made to be screwed to the wall and come over the lip of the tub. It even has a groove for a bead of caulk that seals it tightly to the wall. Besides the cove itself, you will need corners, either inside or outside to finish the ends.

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I need a garden tub for a champion mobile home that I have in Blythe, CA. Please let me know if you have one, prefer white of off white. Thank you.
I don’t sell anything
Tubs don’t ship well, so you will need to find someone nearby to purchase from.

I know this isn’t a proper fix but it works and it’s the best I can do on my budget…
My garden tub had a small crack near the drain… some said it was probably from stress or an overly tightened drain assembly? Whatever the cause, the tub was unusable (it leaked) and was small enough it missed the inspection before I purchased.
I researched on the internet and found an epoxy for fixing plastic tubs. I was hesitant and didn’t want to create a bigger problem. Lucky for me the crack was in the recessed part of the drain. I followed the instructions (a must) and carefully filled in the area with the epoxy and it’s been holding water for the last two years. It’s a clear epoxy and doesn’t look unsightly.
Talking to other owners and reading on the internet, these cracks seem to be a common problem. I guess this kind of fix belongs in the “duct tape” hall of repair but so far so good! I may need to repair the repair some day but this has extended the usefulness of my tub and was cost effective.

Why don’t mobile home bathtubs have overflows?

I don’t know. Simplified plumbing, cheaper, easier installs?

Is it possible to replace a 2010 mobile home garden tub with a cast iron claw foot tub? thx
The total weights should be about the same Iron tub + less water = plastic tub + More Water.
I would put down a sheet of 3/4″ plywood to spread the weight of the feet.

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