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How to buy SharkBite fittings

Sharkbite fittings are the easiest fittings for non-plumbers to use. They slide together without any need for glue. I have never had one fail. They can be used for multiple kinds of pipe: PEX, copper, etc.  Below are Amazon descriptions and links to three different kinds of fittings. These are affiliate links and I will get […]

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Saw For Mobile Home Repair Work

A good hacksaw is very useful since it can be used to cut PVC, copper, or steel pipe. Given the tight corners in which you frequently find yourself when repairing mobile homes, a mini-hack is also useful. This is a tiny hacksaw blade holder that will let you work in places that are to tight […]

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Getting the most from your drill

I have mentioned elsewhere that a reversable cordless drill is the most useful tool you can have for working on a mobile home. Corded drills are cheaper and have more torque (twisting power) but the cord can be a pain if you are climbing a ladder or crawling under the home. Obviously, drills can be […]

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