Mobile Home Ceilings

Mobile home ceilings provide a serious repair challenge because of the way they are constructed at the factory. At the factory, they have an enormous platform on which they lay out the ceiling and glue it all together. A crane then picks it up and sets it on top of the walls where it is

Mobile Home Doors

Mobile home exterior doors are made like a sandwich with a metal or vinyl sheet on the outside, a Styrofoam core and a metal or vinyl sheet on the inside. They are manufactured to meet the minimum HUD codes and no more. That means they will seal tightly when closed and keep the weather out.

Mobile Home Floors

Manufactured home floors I get lots of questions about floors. People ask about: -Sub floors – What it’s worth paying for. -Belly – The underside of a mobile home is much more important than on a site built home. -Replacement – LOTS of mobile home floors need to be replaced. -Insulation – With the increases

Mobile Home Carpet

Manufactured home carpeting In a new mobile home the carpet is usually cheap and doesn’t wear well. It was installed quickly by people working under tremendous time pressure. You might want to look at my About your Home section for more detail about how the floors and carpet are installed. In brief, if the guys

Carpet Tools & Techniques

Modern carpet is designed to be stretched 1 to 1.5%. Thus if your home is 16′ wide the carpet should be stretched about 2″. This can not be done accurately with a kicker. Carpet manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to produce carpet that looks and feels better but is cheaper to produce. One unfortunate

Floor Squeaks

These noises are a frustrating problem that some home owners are sensitive to and others are not. They are hard to repair because they move around with changes in temperature and humidity. They can sometimes be fixed (at least for a while) by crawling under the home with a wrench and tightening the lag bolts