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Manufactured home carpeting

In a new home. Mobile home carpet is usually cheap and doesn’t wear well. It was installed quickly by people working under tremendous time pressure. You might want to look at my About your Home section for more detail about how the floors and carpet are installed.

In brief, if the guys with the nail guns who fastened the floor to the joists didn’t have them adjusted right, your floor has holes where the nails were driven to deep or nail heads sticking up where they weren’t driven deep enough. If there wasn’t time to sweep the floor before the guys came to put down the pad and carpet there will be assorted debris under the carpet. If there were holes from over driven nails they were no doubt filled with debris that has moved around during transport. You can’t see any of this, but your bare feet will find it.

The first thing to do is take a hammer and see if you can flatten the problems. If that doesn’t give acceptable results you are facing more difficult and expensive procedures that involve pulling back the carpet and pad, cleaning and correcting the problems and restretching the carpet.

Doublewides frequently have problems with the workmanship where the carpet was seamed together at the marriage line. A good job requires the installer to stretch the carpet into place and make a seam strong enough to hold the stretch. If this isn’t done properly, the carpet will be loose or the seam will fail.

Replacing carpet in a mobile home has some problems and choices not available to the owner of a site built house. In some mobile homes the carpet was put down first and held in place with staples that were covered when the walls were set on the house. That means there is no carpet strip around the edges of the room and the old carpet will have to be cut away from the walls. This takes a while and old dirty carpet dulls cutting tools really quickly; so make sure you have lots of blades for your razor cutting tool.

Mobile home supply companies, and some home improvement centers (by special order) have or can get carpet in 14′ & 16′ widths. That means that you may be able to install carpet without having to make any seams. This eliminates the most difficult carpet installation task.

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sylvia moriel
My carpet has dark stains in a few places that werent there last week for no reason ..
what would be the problem if u can answer just by the little i did say
Can you feel water/dampness? If the stains are from mold growing on a wet floor you need to take care of the leak(s) as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take long to destroy a particle board floor.

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