Mobile Home renovation

I occasionally receive email from readers who have done mobile home renovation. Now that it easier to publish pictures to the internet this has become more common. I would like to encourage more of this so I am going to use this page to publish links to renovation projects I find out about.
Melissa says “We have worked on a MH 1973 total gutted last summer and we r starting another MH that is beside it this summer–I finally added to my blog about it and hope to keep up with the new Mh project,if you want to share my blog please do as many r affraid to buy an old MH. Old Mobile Home Renovation project
Thomas says “I have a 1982 14′ x 56′ KB Homes “Wayside” that I re did to “my” style. Everyone who sees it says “wow” and “cool” and “warm and relaxing”. I would be glad to share my photos of the renovation. The living room was done using an Eddie Baur paint scheme from Lowes, and my idea was the “Lodge” look. The kitchen and bath are done in
uber-modern style with a nice transition in between. I even have a photo shopped before and after pic of the bar I will build once I get to it. Take care, Thomas”
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Vanita Evans
Thomas – today is Sun July 10, 2011
I am very very impressed w/your remodeled MH….I have been sketching my renovations to my MH – like you, I wanted to down size and be mortgage free. I was really impressed w/what you did to the Bath…so, could you tell me where you bought your sink? AWESOME! I have 2 baths I want to redo.
I also have a 16×24 deck I want to make into a ‘sun room/den’ and want to totally redo my entry way — take out the back door where my laundry area is, put in double doors in the LR to open to the now deck. On the MH side of the now deck, rock wall with 2 rock columns at the 2 corners of the deck for a small chiminea.
I take it you did the work yourself which saved you a lot of $. I’m going to have to learn how to do some of the things, but thank the Lord I have my father who is fantastic w/remodeling. I’ll have to contract out my cabinet work for what I want done.
Again – I’m very impressed and it really gives me hi hopes to think what I can do w/my place! Thanks for sharing.
Pls let me know where you purchased your sink. Online, through a store in your town? Thanks…
Vanita Evans
Vanita: I removed your email address so you don’t get a bunch of unwanted email. I can forward a response from Tom. Paul

tony peckenpaugh
I need to replace some waterlines in my mh. i have insulation hanging down in different sections. my question is would it be easier to just tear all the black paper down and insulation and just replace it all, that way i could see all the lines and check for damaged or cracked lines. Second, the black covering, could i use landscaping fabric instead? thank you tony
I would try to fix the leaks first. This is one of those cases where tearing out the old will be fast and easy. Installing the new will be slow and ugly. It’s really hard work to slide around under a mobile home fastening new insulation in place and getting new belly paper installed properly. The biggest cost if you elect to replace the belly “paper” is your time. Buy the right stuff and install that. It always seemed to me the work to install the best materials was the same or less than installing cheaper products, so why not use the best.
I am always amazed at what contractors will do to save a few cents per square foot.
Lawrence Reece
I have been in a new Oakwood upper end double wide for two months…. At some point the floor joist on the entrance side has come loose and the floor joist has a lot of lateral and vertical movement with squeaks in the first living room and the second bath around the toilet all on the same side. They have been out twice to try and repair it and now they say they need to pull the carpet back and run lag screws threw the floor. That would work if the sub floor was the problem but the joist are loose and I believe the leveling was botched when it was set up. Can you give any advice on what needs to happen to repair the floor?
Thanks Lawrence
I can’t offer any specifics on the repair itself “long distance” but can suggest you are at or close to the point where you might consider having an inspection done by a third party inspector. Whether you do an inspection before another repair attempt or give them another chance will depend on how much confidence you still have in their commitment to “making it right.”
If your home is “new”, have you been in touch with the manufacturer, directly?? Sometimes the repairs are done by the sellers company and not the actual manufactuer. The home should have warranty information from the manufacturer, call them and explain situation. Keep records of dates, times, names……

debbie d
I own a 2001 model 14×72 3BR mobile home which I want to remodel. My plan is to change the entire MBR end of the mobile. Currently it has a BR 11×10 with side closet, In the end of the closet is the hot water tank. there is a hall way leading to the kitchen. on one side is the washer and dryer, on the other a small master bath. My park allows additions up to 100sq feet. The plan is to remove all the interior walls up to the kitchen, making one large room and install a door to the outside then build on a 10×10 room with the bath, hwt and laundry in it. Has anyone done this type renovations?
I am starting to collect renovation stories and publish them on Mobile Home Renovation. It’s just getting started and I am looking for more projects to publish. Monty’s ongoing project may help you get a idea of what sort of work/problems you are getting in to.
You might take a look at my new site Mobile Home Renovation and see if any of the work shown there gives you ideas.

We have a 1989 Horton singlewide. Livingroom through kitchen cathedral ceiling. There is a noticeable sag about 2″ in the middle. Can also be seen from outside on the roof as a sag. What would need to be done to repair, we’re worried the next snow might fall right through!
It sounds like water is getting under the shingles. I think you are going to have to get someone up there, open it up and see how far damage has spread. Hopefully the trusses are still undamaged and a roofer can replace damaged sheathing and re-shingle. I would suggest NOT waiting to have it looked at.