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Mobile Home Electrical Basics

Manufactured home electrical basics. Mobile Home electrical systems are designed to the same code and use the same parts as a site built home. You may find this helpful in locating wires and troubleshooting problems because the fundamental strategy in finding and fixing electrical problem is to find a place where there is no problem […]

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Blown Breakers

It is not normal for a breaker to trip on a regular basis and if you have one that does that you have a problem that needs to be found and eliminated. Household circuits, except those going to heavy use appliances like a dryer, range or hot water heater, can handle a sustained total load […]

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One Outlet is Dead

If a single outlet is dead and all the others on that same circuit are still working fine then the outlet itself is damaged or no longer connected properly. Go to the main panel and turn off the breaker to that circuit. (You do have the circuits identified right? ) Use a circuit tester, or […]

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Half of a doublewide has no power

Double and triple wide mobile homes have a single main panel from where electrical power is distributed. The electrical power to the section(s) without the main panel is concentrated in one or a few points at the marriage line where the parts of the home come together. When all the power to one section fails […]

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GFI’s Ground Fault Interrupters

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is an electrical outlet that detects very small leakage of electricity and very quickly shuts off power. It does this so quickly and with such such small current flows that accidental death from electrical shock is prevented.Newer homes all have them in the kitchen and baths. They are easily […]

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Aluminum Wiring in Mobile Homes

The last aluminum wire was used in mobile homes in 1971 so this problem is rapidly becoming of little concern. The problem arises because over time aluminum combines chemically with the oxygen in the air and forms a coating on the wire that is resistant to the flow of electricity. This resistance causes the wire […]

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Electrical Tools

Pliers, screwdrivers etc. that are used on many types of projects are listed and described under other hand tools. Fish Tape is a reel of strong, flexible wire that is used to pull new or replacement electrical wire through the walls. If you are dealing with a mobile home with wood paneled walls it may […]

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