Effective Complaining

Effective complaining about mobile home problems requires knowledge. You have to know exactly what the problem is and who is responsible for it. Look through How Your Home Was Built and then go to the mobile home Setup post to see exactly who all the players are. Once you know that you will be able

Mobile Home Warranties

Manufactured home warranties Mobile homes come with warranties. You would do well to read them carefully and be prompt and persistent if you see something that needs to be taken care of. This is where knowing exactly who is responsible for what will be essential. In the factory at which I worked for a few

Mobile Home Humor

Manufactured home humor You may not think so when you are in the middle of a repair disaster but in retrospect disasters are often extremely educational and very funny. The repair manuals, even mine, tend to assume you know what the problem is and give good clear instructions on how to fix the problem. In

Finding a Contractor

A question that is asked frequently is where to find a good contractor. It can be really hard to get a good answer, especially if you are needing some work done soon and don’t want to spend a few weeks researching everyone you can find. Sometimes neighbors and friends have good recommendations (or at least


The dealer is responsible for any promises the salesman made that were beyond what the factory provides. Steps, awnings, etc. may be promised and then not delivered. Decks, skirting (underpinning) etc. are normally provided by the dealer or a contractor working for him. It is to your advantage to find out and record exactly who

Mobile Home Manufacturers

Manufactured home manufacturers The manufacturer is responsible for the home itself. The appliances in it will be covered by their manufacturers warranty. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage in transit or what happens on the dealers lot. Manufacturers and dealers love to blame each other so at least some manufacturers video tape the inside