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Manufactured home manufacturers

The manufacturer is responsible for the home itself. The appliances in it will be covered by their manufacturers warranty. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage in transit or what happens on the dealers lot. Manufacturers and dealers love to blame each other so at least some manufacturers video tape the inside and outside of the homes before they leave the plant.

The manufactured home business is extremely cyclical with peaks and valleys related to changes in the interest rates. During boom times lots of new people get into the business and then promptly go broke when the market slows.

Why is this important to you, the homeowner? If you are having any kind of problems with your home take action to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible.

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Juan Iinchaust
I have a manufactured home from fleetwood and it came with vertical slider windows, they have about a 3/8ths wide tube that the bottom half of the window slides on. Some are getting harder to lift or lower, is there an adjustment to them?

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