Good edge work is hard, but essential.

Putting down rows of laminated wood flooring strips goes really fast once you have done a few. However, edges and corners are not quite so simple. If you want the job to look nice you have to cut and trim with more precision. It may be difficult to cover gaps so the accuracy of your saw work will be more important.

Below are pictures of some of the edges you may need to include.

Mobile home laminate finished edge work

In this picture you can see how the laminate is cut to fit around a corner. Remember there must be expansion gaps, but they will be covered by the wall moldings.

Another laminate fastening trick with hidden screw

There may be times when you feel the need for a little extra holding power. In this case it is at the front door and it is important the laminate no lift up there. This screw will be hidden by the wall molding. Depending on the kind of front door it might also be possible to cover this with a threshold.

Mobile home laminate install edge work

Here is the trim needed to drop down from the wood laminate to a vinyl covered floor. This happens to be at the entrance to the water heater compartment, but it would look about the same anywhere else. These screws will be hidden by the water heater door. In a visible area trim strips or molding would cover them.

Manufactured home laminate install carpet edging

Another kind of trip strip. This one covers the edge between the laminate floor and carpet.

Manufactured home living room showing finished wood laminate floor

Here you can see the finished floor with trim installed at the edges. The floor heater vent is the one shown previously.

I think it looks really good and has many advantage over carpet.