Mobile Home Countertops

Manufactured home counters You can make an enormous difference in your kitchen by replacing the counter tops!. Frequently water leaks around the faucets and gets under the laminating material. The water causes the particle board under the laminate to break down and delaminate. The result is ugly and traps filth.Home improvement store’s stock pre-made replacement

Sink Drains

My ring went down the drain!! This is a messy but usually uncomplicated task that requires: -Pail or basin -Scrap rags or paper towels -Two large wrenches or pliers -Flashlight or trouble light-depending on your vision and the time of day I say “usually uncomplicated” because, especially in older homes, materials may have become brittle

Mobile Home Appliances

Manufactured home appliances Mobile home appliances are generally the same as those used in site built homes and instructions for their care and repair are included with the owners manuals. The exception is the range hood. Particularly in older homes the range hood used in mobile homes is much thinner that standard house range hoods.