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You can make a huge difference in your kitchen by replacing the counter tops!. Frequently water leaks around the faucets and gets under the laminating material. The particle board under the laminate breaks down and delaminates. The result is ugly, and traps filth.
The home improvement stores stock replacement counter tops already made for you. They come in two foot length increments. Some will already have the corner miter cut. You need a bolt kit and adhesive to hold the two pieces together.

You will need to have the store cut a hole for the sink, or plan to do it yourself. That requires a drill to make starter holes and a sabre saw to make the actual cuts.

The new counters will be deeper than the old by a couple of inches, but that is an acceptable overhang as far as I am concerned. The counters are heavy and awkward so lifting them into place is a two person job. They come with mitered corners but getting the seam aligned and sealed is not easy.

I would recommend a countertop replacement project as a good first start for beautifying your kitchen.

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I am looking at several options with my countertops. 1) Re-Laminate the existing couters I have know or … 2) Purchasing all new laminate couters. Would like to go with a composite type of countertop (Corian. etc.) but dont think the cabinents would support. Didnt know how difficult it is to get the old laminate off or can I sand and go directly over the existing? Or if the material the countertops are made out of would even hold up to another round of laminate? Any experienced input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..
The ones I worked on were always so trashed replacement was the only option.

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