Mobile Home Cabinets

Manufactured Home Cabinets

Mobile Home cabinets are some of the cheapest, poorly constructed furnishings known to man.

They are frequently made of paper and held together with staples. In addition, the manufacturers build them them themselves from a variety of supplies. The supplies change frequently to meet changes in decor and lower prices from vendors.

In other words, mobile home cabinets frequently have problems and it is impossible to find matching replacement materials. You just have to do the best you can with materials from the local home improvement store.

Replacing your cabinets is certainly possible if you can afford it. The standard cabinets sold in the home improvement stores will work, although they will probably be deeper than your existing cabinets.

I would suggest starting your cabinet shopping by looking through the cabinet selection at Amazon. The cabinets you see will all be designed for site built homes, but can probably be made to work in your mobile home.

In any case you will be able to study what is available and learn about prices, materials and indicators of quality. Then, when you go shopping locally you will know what questions to ask and have a better idea of what the cost should be.

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Shiloh Hanson
I am about to be in real deep with our remodel. We have a 1993 Crestridge thats 16X80. Our cabinets, floors, ceilings, drywall, etc all have to be redone. We are taking it room by room, but before we start my main concern is adding insulation. my husband can stand outside and we can have a full conversation no problem. What do you recommend as far as insulation goes? We want to lower our utility cost and figure this will help. Also we want to have a more “normal” roof. We currently have the metal roof and siding. Would a R Panel roof be to heavy or would shingles work better. Our concern is weight. We are adding to the flooring, adding insulation, the cabinets are going to be a real wood, what do you recommend?
Thank you in advance,
John T Krigger has the best book on mobile home insulation I have seen. His recent ones are available from Amazon. I actually like his first edition the best and your local library may have or be able to get it for you.
Black & Decker makes a thermal leak detector for about $60 that might help you find places that need insulation.
Be really careful how much money you put into this project. I understand there are lots of reasons for doing it, and return on investment may not be your major concern. However, it’s really easy to sink more money into the house than you can ever recover. Then if you have to move or sell, it’s painful.

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