Mobile Home Pipe Connectors

Manufactured Home Pipe Connectors

If you visit a home improvement center you will find an overwhelming array of fittings and connectors for hooking up water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, water heaters and others. The vocabulary is strange and the variations subtle, but very significant.

Glossary of terms:

FIP – Female Iron Pipe. Used to describe a fitting threaded to go onto old style galvanized iron pipe.

Flare – Flare fittings are made of brass and used for gas line connections. If your water heater gas supply line is made of copper there is a good chance it is connect with a flare fitting. You need a flaring tool and the right kind of copper line (plus some skill) to make it work.

Compression – Compression fittings are common on water supply lines. The most common flexible line would be a toilet supply line with a 3/8″ compression fitting on one end and the toilet tank size on the other.

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Having problems with getting water in the mobile home. Just set the house up, water is on, pipes are set up, there is pressure but nothing coming out inside. Can you help?
I would start taking off the aerators on all the faucets and see if they are jammed with dirt. Do the toilets flush? If that doesn’t help then the supply line must be blocked somewhere. Is there a shutoff valve under or inside the house that is turned off?

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