Frozen Water Lines

Heat tape used to keep the water line from freezing as it goes from underground to inside the home. Newer homes all have an electrical outlet under the house near where the water line enters. This makes it convenient to plug the tape in there and minimizes the length required. The tape is uncoiled and

Leaking Water Lines

The most important consideration with leaks is to constantly be alert for evidence of one. Sometimes you can smell wet floor or wall material, you may notice a soft spot developing, occasionally you can hear a drip inside a wall, etc. The next important thing is to determine as best you can exactly what is

Mobile Home Pipe Connectors

Manufactured Home Pipe Connectors If you visit a home improvement center you will find an overwhelming array of fittings and connectors for hooking up water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, water heaters and others. The vocabulary is strange and the variations subtle, but very significant. Glossary of terms: FIP – Female Iron Pipe. Used to