Leaking Water Lines

The most important consideration with leaks is to constantly be alert for evidence of one.

Sometimes you can smell wet floor or wall material, you may notice a soft spot developing, occasionally you can hear a drip inside a wall, etc.

The next important thing is to determine as best you can exactly what is leaking. The reason this is so important is that if you are not able to narrow down the problem you are at much higher risk of being taken advantage of by a repairman and you are effectively prevented from fixing the problem yourself.

Sometimes the cause is obvious. You look under the sink and can see water dripping from a faucet connector.
Other times it can be more difficult. Water sometimes runs along a supply line until it touchs wallboard or the edge of a cabinet and then runs down behind and into the wall. I have even seen a hole in the middle of the living room floor caused by over watering a plant in a clay pot.

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Judy Rotondo
I have a pit set mobile home. Dead center in the house the carpet is soaking wet so I have to assume the leak is from a broken pipe under the home. I’ve shut off the main water to the house inside the well house. I’ve turned off the water heater. Now how do I find the leak?

You will have to get under the house and cut through the belly/insulation where you think the problem is. With a good light you might be able to see the problem and deal with it. Remember that X’s are easier to repair than square cuts. I would be looking for a connector failure first. You may find you are not the first to have this problem and you may see evidence of previous repair work that will guide you to the problem area.

If you can’t see the problem and have an air compressor you can try blowing air through the line and listen for the hissing. If not you will need to turn the water back on and watch for leaks.

Do a search as Amazon for “cash acme connector” to see examples of a type of connector that is easy to use and which won’t fail. They are expensive, but all you have to do is push them together.
Good luck.

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  • Thank you soooooo much for explaining how to repair a pipe under a mobile home. I was told the house would be condemned. Wish more business/repair men were like you. Thank you again.