Phoenix Brand Faucet Repair

He says “The “Phoenix” brand shower handles seem prone to ‘strip out’ where
they engage the splined part of the valve. After a few trips to buy
new ones at a local home improvement store, I created a fix for this

Cut a short (3/4 “) piece of electrical tape. Use good quality tape,
you want this repair to last.

Remove the handle. Put the tape over the splined part of the valve
handle along the length of the splines. Don’t wrap the tape around the
splines like you would wrap a bare wire. Cut a small slit for the
handle mounting screw to go through. Slip the handle back in place. It
should feel very firm now. Install the center mounting screw and
you’re done.

Hope that helps everyone out.”
Thanks Derek.
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Don Morgan
I have done this before but I used Teflon plumbers tape. It seems to hold up better than electrical tape.

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