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Introduction to Mobile Home Plumbing

Manufactured home plumbing Plumbing is responsible for a huge percentage of mobile home repair problems. Plumbing repair for mobile homes is made even more difficult because it is sometimes, but not always, different from plumbing for site built homes. Plumbing parts and supplies are constantly being improved. Advice that is optimal on day may be […]

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Mobile Home Faucets

Mobile home faucets come in at least three qualities. This can range from the very cheapest, chrome plated plastic, to brass stemmed units like you would find in a site built home. Unfortunately, the price pressure on manufacturers, especially on low end units, means the cheapest ones are the ones that usually come with a […]

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Bathroom Sinks

The cheapest and easiest way to replace a bathroom sink in a mobile home is to buy a sink made for mobile homes from a mobile home supply company. They are inexpensive ($10-15) and come in various colors. Make sure you ask for the drain hardware too; the counter guys at the parts places frequently […]

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Shower & Tub Enclosures

Shower enclosures can be plastic laminate glued to the walls, plastic inserts of various kinds, or fiberglass inserts. The big concern, no matter what material you use, is to make absolutely sure the seams are sealed and it is impossible for water to get behind it. Price is the determining factor. The plastic glue on […]

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Kitchen Sinks

If you are replacing the kitchen sink in a mobile home, you will want to buy a sink made for mobile homes unless you are replacing the counters too. Mobile home counters are not as deep as site built homes and there isn’t enough room to install them. Mobile home sinks come in two sizes […]

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Garbage Disposal Wisdom

The following are instructions for diagnosing and fixing the majority of problems you are likely to encounter with a garbage disposal. Motor doesn’t even hum. No power to the disposal. Make sure the fuse or breaker has not tripped. Also, in a new home, make sure that there is power to the outlet.Motor got too […]

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Mobil Home Drains – Introduction

Manufactured home drains Drain lines are usually made from 3″ or 4″ black ABS pipe, are supposed to be supported with plumbers strap every 4′ and extend from below the bathroom(s) to where the sewer line goes into the ground. They are supposed to be sloped at 1/4″ per foot. Since many homes have bathrooms […]

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Sink Drains

My ring went down the drain!! This is a messy but usually uncomplicated task that requires: -Pail or basin -Scrap rags or paper towels -Two large wrenches or pliers -Flashlight or trouble light-depending on your vision and the time of day I say “usually uncomplicated” because, especially in older homes, materials may have become brittle […]

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