Kitchen Sinks

If you are replacing the kitchen sink in a mobile home, you will want to buy a sink made for mobile homes unless you are replacing the counters too.

Mobile home counters are not as deep as site built homes and there isn’t enough room to install them. Mobile home sinks come in two sizes 17″ deep and 19″ deep. The extra two inches results from a lip on the back of the sink which has holes pre-drilled for the faucet and water supply lines. The 19″ size is the most popular and costs about half of what the other one does.

Many older mobile homes have the 17″ sinks and the faucets come up through the counter material. Unfortunately, when the faucet washers start to fail they often leak and water gets under the countertop material. If you are planning to replace a kitchen sink check very carefully to be sure the counter around the faucet is sound. If not, you will want to buy the 19″ style, cut away enough extra material to make it fit so that now the faucet is seated on top of the new sink. You also need to make sure you get a three or four hole sink. The fourth hole is used in some homes to hold the air gap for the dishwasher or can be used to hold the sprayer if you get a faucet with spray.

You may find you can only buy a three hole sink but since you want a spray or need a hole for the dishwasher air break you need another hole. This is where the Knockout Punch comes to the rescue. You drill a pilot hole large enough to slide the bolt in the punch through and then tighten the punch together. It has hard steel cutting edges that will cut a nice clean hole of the size you need. These can be rented and used to add the extra hole.

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