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Mobile Home Countertops

Manufactured home countertops You can make a huge difference in your kitchen by replacing the counter tops!. Frequently water leaks around the faucets and gets under the laminating material. The particle board under the laminate breaks down and delaminates. The result is ugly, and traps filth. The home improvement stores stock replacement counter tops already […]

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Counter Replacement in Mobile Homes

Manufactured home counters Replacing the counters can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of the entire kitchen or bathroom. The home improvement centers stock replacement counters in a variety of materials and colors and will sometimes even cut to your measurements; even sink holes. Replacing the kitchen counter is a two person […]

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Re-Caulking Counter Tops

Gaps to wall or backslash. Before fixing this problem you need to understand the cause. Was the gap there when the home was delivered so it was probably caused by transport? Has it been getting larger over time indicating that the counter is pulling away from the wall or the wall is bending. If the […]

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Sagging Counter Tops – Replace them!

A sagging countertop has probably been damaged by water. In many kitchen counters the faucet was brought up through the counter material itself and when the faucet washers or O rings fail water leaks under the laminate and the particle board fails. When this is combined with the fact that the counter is weakest at […]

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