Interior Wall Repair

Wainscoting will cover damage on the lower part of a wall. It can be done several ways depending on your taste and budget. The cheapest is probably buying some wood paneling and cutting it in thirds. I have also seen so plastic material that would hold stain and could be made to match existing colors.

Decorative Mirrors or framed photographs can also be hung to cover damage. Some creative use of picture frame material cut in a diamond shape with mirror glass may make an easy way to hid damage.

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Really? Is there no way to repair a hole in a vinyl panel wall? I have one and it’s about mid way up the wall… a picture there would be silly. Yet, to put up wainscoting seems like over kill… surely, there is a way to repair these walls, I’ll be heart sick if there isn’t or you’ll be hearing about a child grounded for life!
Oh, do get creative and let me know this isn’t the final answer! Meanwhile, if I come up with an solution I’ll post it!
You can patch the wall the same as patching drywall. You will need to texture and paint the entire section or wall, though. I have taken ugly paneling in a mobile home and sealed up with caulking and joint compound, and then created a lovely faux stucco wall. When done, you cannot tell it is paneling underneath. It can be done, though many carpenters are completely against this (trust me, my relative journeymen would never support this, though I have had success with it a couple times!). The plus to all this is that if damage occurs in the future, it is an easy joint compound and paint repair. If you adore the vinyl wrapped or 70s style faux wood paneling, I have no suggestions. I would say don’t limit yourself. Wainscot sounds nice, too.

Nina, find a good solution, like patching and texturing and painting, (this Alynn sounds really smart) and maybe have that child do all the work?! ; ) Then you have solved both problems.

How about cutting a piece from a closet to fit into the hole you wish to repair? If the hole is irregular just cut it to “square” it out so you can then cut a piece from the closet wall to fit. Yeah, now you have a hole in the closet but you can fix that with something else and who’s going to see it anyway?

Jo Anne Otterstrom
I just bought a mobile home, it is in very good condition, though there is a hole in the wall in the laundry room…it was cut out leading me to believe it was intentional….I have never repaired a wall like this but here is what I am going to do.
I will find a small piece of scrap wood, cuti long, but narrower than the hole, drill a hole in the center of the scrap, put a small screw in it, then get some serious quick drying adhesive and put it “through” the hole and then pull on the screw until it dries…leave overnight and remove screw, get some putty and paint….yes…the entire wall
Hi JoAnne,
That should work.
If you cut a piece of scrap drywall to fit into the opening and glue it to that wood, you will only have to putty the edges.

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