Interior Wall Repair

Wainscoting will cover damage on the lower part of a wall. It can be done several ways depending on your taste and budget. The cheapest is probably buying some wood paneling and cutting it in thirds. I have also seen so plastic material that would hold stain and could be made to match existing colors.

Mobile Home Exterior

Manufactured home exterior walls I had good luck getting replacement metal siding from an aluminum fabrication place. It took me weeks to find them but when I did, I discovered they bought pre-painted rolls of flat aluminum and would bend them to match the pattern I needed. They can even bend the edges so the

Wood Panel Treatment

The wood paneling used in older homes can probably be replaced with a closely matching panel but since it makes the homes so dark inside getting rid of it or covering it up is a frequent renovation activity. Many people just paint it white, which works, but always looks like panel painted white. Sometimes people