Wood Panel Treatment

The wood paneling used in older homes can probably be replaced with a closely matching panel but since it makes the homes so dark inside getting rid of it or covering it up is a frequent renovation activity.

Many people just paint it white, which works, but always looks like panel painted white.

Sometimes people take it all down and replace it with Sheetrock, which works, but is expensive.

A possible middle ground that takes work but doesn’t cost a lot is to fill the grooves with drywall compound and then paint. It makes it look less like painted panel.

To do this you need drywall compound and a 3″ wide drywall knife. Just use the knife to press the compound into the grooves. Let it dry over night and then do it again.

It takes two coats because it shrinks enough that the groove will be visible otherwise. When the second coat is dry, paint as usual.

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Hi, We have an old mobile home in Tempe Arizona that was built in 1978. It has medium wood paneling inside and we need to repair some of the trim around the doors that is broken. It is very thin trim, approximately 3/4″ wide and we are wondering where we can find this.
Please let me know.
Look for a mobile home supply store. The Yellow Pages under Manufactured Home Supplies or Parts should do it.

Where can you find paneling for older manufactured home, it is 1984 model, have too big holes to repair, cannot find paneling in Bowling Green,Ky.
Have you tried any mobile home parts places?

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