Why DIY – Do It Yourself?

The most frustrating aspect of working in the mobile home repair industry is that it feels like the entire system is designed to guarantee poor workmanship.

Every advice book ever written tells the consumer to get three bids before having any work done; but how many say not to always use the low bidder? How is a consumer who doesn’t know in detail what work needs to be done going to tell if the three bids are for the same scope and quality of work. An experienced contractor knows ALL the tricks of shaving a few cents off his costs; most of them invisible to the consumer. Part of the reason I am no longer active in the repair business is that I got tired of being underbid on projects by others whose work I knew would be substandard.

This site is dedicated to the idea that the more you know about doing the repairs & improvements to your home, whether or not you want to do it yourself, the better quality of work you will get done. No one else cares about your home as much as you do.

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