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Effective Complaining

Effective complaining about mobile home problems requires knowledge. You have to know exactly what the problem is and who is responsible for it. Look through How Your Home Was Built and then go to the mobile home Setup post to see exactly who all the players are. Once you know that you will be able […]

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Mobile Home Humor

Manufactured home humor You may not think so when you are in the middle of a repair disaster but in retrospect disasters are often extremely educational and very funny. The repair manuals, even mine, tend to assume you know what the problem is and give good clear instructions on how to fix the problem. In […]

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Mobile Home Appliances

Manufactured home appliances Mobile home appliances are generally the same as those used in site built homes and instructions for their care and repair are included with the owners manuals. The exception is the range hood. Particularly in older homes the range hood used in mobile homes is much thinner that standard house range hoods. […]

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Why DIY – Do It Yourself?

The most frustrating aspect of working in the mobile home repair industry is that it feels like the entire system is designed to guarantee poor workmanship. Every advice book ever written tells the consumer to get three bids before having any work done; but how many say not to always use the low bidder? How […]

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Finding Competent Repair Help

I am frequently asked for help finding someone who does good, affordable, repair work. I find that difficult because repair people tend to work in a very limited area and there is no way for me to hear about them. Many handymen won’t work on mobile homes which makes the problem more difficult. I refer […]

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