Mobile Home Insulation

When mobile homes are built they are constructed with the floor insulation lying on top the belly paper with the water lines and heat ducts above them. This way the heat from the house keeps lines from freezing and heat from being lost. However, they use roll insulation and it is possible for voids and

Furnace Startup Suggestions

Mobile home furnaces, especially the newer high efficiency ones, are designed to get the most heat possible from the fuel they burn. This is important with the way gas prices have increased. It is only possible if the furnace is cleaned and kept in good condition. The “squirrel cage” fan used in furnaces looses efficiency

Frozen Sewer Lines

Frozen sewer lines are a mess. Fortunately, they don’t happen as often as frozen water lines. It is very hard to use a torch on 4″ ABS pipe without damaging it, and the volume of ice requires LOTS of heat to unthaw. My least messy, least dangerous, but slow approach was to attach heat tape