Mobile Home Insulation

When mobile homes are built they are constructed with the floor insulation lying on top the belly paper with the water lines and heat ducts above them. This way the heat from the house keeps lines from freezing and heat from being lost.

However, they use roll insulation and it is possible for voids and gaps to be present. Depending on whether this exposes a water line etc. it may or may not be a problem. These problems may become worse if there has been water damage to the floor, the insulation and/or the belly paper. A bad job of belly repair (necessary after some plumbing jobs) can also show up when the temperatures drop.

For a complete discussion of energy efficiency in mobile homes I would recommend the book Your Mobile Home Energy & Repair Guide by John T. Krigger. It is reasonably current and has a wealth of good information. It’s available online at Pricey, but very good information.

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Joe Bilek
Mobile home insulation for the floor.
Can ridged 2 inch insulation board be installed to the underside of the moble home floor? If it can be does it have to be covered?
What type of insulation is normaly used or recommended for the do it your selfer?

It would work on the floor area outside of the I-beams. It shouldn’t need to be covered.
The area between the I-beams is made to sag down and create an airspace. The space gets heated/cooled by the HVAC ducts that run though it. This is what keeps the water lines that also run through this area from freezing. The standard fiberglass bats work well there.

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