Mobile Home Gas Lines

Gas lines are made with black pipe which is available at any home improvement store; some will even cut it to your request and thread it for you. There will always be a shut off where each gas line comes up through the floor leading to an appliance. Just past the shut off, a flexible

Mobile Home HVAC Overview

The biggest problem I see with the HVAC system in mobile homes is that so many people work on various parts. It is almost impossible to properly assign blame when things are wrong. The factory installs the furnace and ducts and makes provision in the wiring for an AC circuit. The AC installation contractor, who

Mobile Home Air Conditioning

Manufactured home air conditioning Air conditioning in mobile homes is usually installed by an independent air conditioning contractor, although some dealers have their own crews to do this. Service calls about water in the heating ducts are not uncommon and mean the drain for the condensed water is not working properly. If you have taken

Evaporative Coolers

Those of you who live in humid climates will never have heard of these things, which are also commonly referred to as swamp coolers. In fact the employees at the manufacturing plants seldom have any idea why homes shipping to New Mexico or Arizona have a 14″ ceiling duct and a five way switch installed.

Crossover Duct

Double wide mobile homes have a large crossover duct that transfers heated or cooled air from one side to the other. It is one of those items that may be installed by the factory, the dealer or the setup crew. Improperly done it can be the source of many problems and there is lots of