Mobile Home HVAC Overview

The biggest problem I see with the HVAC system in mobile homes is that so many people work on various parts. It is almost impossible to properly assign blame when things are wrong.

The factory installs the furnace and ducts and makes provision in the wiring for an AC circuit.

The AC installation contractor, who may or may not be part of the local dealership, opens the furnace, drill holes for their lines, connects into the electrical panel and makes provision to drain away the condensed water from the chilled coils inside the furnace.

The setup crew, who may or may not work for the dealer or the factory, comes along and hook up the crossover duct.

At some point, there may also be an electrician involved.

Make careful note of exactly who is responsible for what.

Then, if you have problems, you will at least know where to call.

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what are some causes for one side of a doublewide to have heat and air and the other side does not…….
There is an insulated tube about 12″ in diameter and 20′ long called the crossover duct. It connects the heating/cooling ducts from one side to the other. If it gets block or comes loose the one side of the house doesn’t get any heat/cool.

Hi Paul,
I previously wrote to you about the issues I was/am having with my sub flooring. I have another question to ask you. I have a Coleman Presidential III (7900 series) furnace that I would like to remove. The flooring under the furnace needs to be replaced so I need to remove the furnace in order to get to the floor. The previous owner had not used the furnace either because it doesnt work or he didnt feel like paying for the propane. I am not really sure. The furnace might work or it might not work. How do I go about removing the old furnace? I live in FL so I am not too concerned about not having any heat during the winter. I have a Lennox A/C unit that works great and all I really need is to stay cool in the summer. The furnace is not a big deal to me. I was looking over the manual for the furnace and I noticed that there are ducts (I think that is what they are called) that run under the furnace. Does my A/C unit and furnace connect and/or run off the same ducts? I need some advice on how to remove this furnace and seal up any ducts/holes that might be left in its place. I do not have any gas or propane hooked up at the moment. I plan on eventually getting an electric stove and having that wired in so I will not have to run gas or propane. Also, is there a market for furnaces? Once I remove it do you think I could sell it? I could sure use some extra funds to pay for my new flooring
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really need to replace the small patch of sub floor under the furnace. The sooner the better while I still have the tools I borrowed to do so. I can take pictures if you need to see a visual. Just let me know. I really want this furnace gone! Thanks!!
Hi again Paul,
I have an add on to this question. I need to replace the floor under the water heather as well. This is located adjacent to the bathroom in my bedroom closet. How do I turn off the water heater and remove it to re-do my subfloor in that spot? Also, is installing it back into place hard to do?

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