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The Outside category includes posts about everything that takes place outside the home. That includes under the home as well as wells, septic systems, etc.

Subflooring – What lies beneath?

The material placed on top of the floor joists may be plywood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or particle board. In any case the joists have glue spread on them and then the 4′ x 8′ panels of sub flooring are nailed in place. At the time the sub floor goes down the bottom of the […]

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Manufactured Home Belly

An airtight belly is very important in heat and cooling efficiency and in preventing water lines from freezing in cold weather. However, it is penetrated by the drain, supply and electrical and gas lines. These openings may or may not have been sealed properly. In addition the belly may have been damaged during transport and […]

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Mobile Home Setup

Manufactured home setup Who is responsible for what? As more and more rules and regulations are imposed on mobile home park and lot developers the responsibilities for getting a mobile home properly set up have become more difficult and expensive. Since obtaining a loan to purchase the property depends on meeting all these requirements, mistakes […]

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Mobile Home Foundations

Manufactured home foundations This material is provided as an informative example of the considerations that go into the foundation for a mobile home. It probably will not apply to your locale, as codes and standards vary from place to place and get updated over time. This is intended to give you an idea of what […]

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Mobile Home Leveling

Manufactured home leveling Mobile homes get out of level for a variety of reasons. It may be caused by a failure to compact the ground properly before setting the home. Many times it is caused by water getting under the home. Hoses drip, drainage slopes the wrong way and channels water under the mobile home, […]

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Skirting or Underpinning

Manufactured home skirting Mobile home skirting makes the home look better, helps keep cats, dogs, kids and other forms of wildlife out from under your home and is required by mobile home parks and communities. In some parts of the USA it is also called underpinning. Mobile home skirting comes in more varieties than it […]

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Mobile Home Exterior

Manufactured home exterior walls I had good luck getting replacement metal siding from an aluminum fabrication place. It took me weeks to find them but when I did, I discovered they bought pre-painted rolls of flat aluminum and would bend them to match the pattern I needed. They can even bend the edges so the […]

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