Mobile Home Setup

Manufactured home setup

Who is responsible for what?

As more and more rules and regulations are imposed on mobile home park and lot developers the responsibilities for getting a mobile home properly set up have become more difficult and expensive. Since obtaining a loan to purchase the property depends on meeting all these requirements, mistakes can be expensive.

The entire mobile home setup process now takes much longer than it used to. Permits must be acquired in the proper order; the electrician can’t do his work until the foundation guy is done, etc.

Setup is done by a crew that may work for the dealer but in many instances is a separate subcontractor. Since they are paid by the job there is a lot of pressure to get done quickly. Since most homeowners will never crawl under their homes to look around and wouldn’t know what to look for if they did, the setup mistakes are not noticed until they cause problems. By that time warranties have expired, companies have disappeared and the homeowner is stuck.

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i have a 1/2 arce lot very large peace of prop with a 10 wide mobile home setting on it and i want to put another small mobile home own the property its only a 12 by 30 ft i have a 3 lid septic and i need to know what to and how to do it i dont want to brake any kind of laws i need to know the rules and reg and i also have a very large braker box that will hold alot
All the issues you mention are handled at the city/county/state level and are different in every place. So, I can’t say anything about specific rules & regulations in your area.
I suggest you start with your county zoning department, see what they say, and where they send you. States have a Manufactured Home Division/Department that may be helpful too. I think I would start with the county though.

I have purchased a double wide M/H and having it set up in Santa Rosa County, FL. I have paid to have the septic tank installed; but it needs to be connected to the home. Who is responsible for the cost of this connection: the dealer who sold the m/h or the person who purchased the home? Every contractor I talk to says the dealer is responsible; hoever, he is not being cooperative in this venture. Thanks. Linda
This is exactly the kind of situation where you need to contact the state office that handles mobile home issues. Dealers will pay a lot more attention when someone from the office that handles their licensing is on the line. I’m sure a few Google searches will get you the a phone number for the office that handles consumer mobile home complaints.
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I just have a question. When you pay for “set up”- whats included in that process? I’m buying my first mobile home and when I hear set up I dont know what that really meand. Does that mean they just haul the trailor and sit it down? Does that include skirting? Please help
I think “Setup” is one of those slippery words that means different things to different people. I’m sure what is included is different in different parts of the country. I would think your purchase agreement would spell out what is included in detail since the dealer certainly knows what all has to be done. At a minimum I would expect the home to be set and properly leveled, drains, water, A/C and electricity connected and skirting. Decks would be extra. You might try asking the sales guy what other things would need to be done before it was “Move in ready”.

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