Sticking Cabinet Doors

When cabinet doors in a mobile home stick the cure depends on the cause. Sanding or planing the door probably isn’t the best solution.

In a new home, or one that has just been moved, the sticking door is probably a fairly simple adjustment problem. A home is twisted and bounced around during transport and when it is finally set and leveled the door adjustments may no longer be correct. If you loosen hinge screws slightly, adjust the position of the door and re-tighten the screws you will probably find the problem is solved. If you are moving into a new house, these adjustments are something the trimout crew is supposed to do before you sign the final acceptance.

In an older home the problem is different. You may find tightening hinge screws will bring doors back into adjustment. However, in many older homes the supports under the counters and inside the cabinets have started to sag. Start from the bottom and work up looking for any sign that staples have pulled loose, water damage has warped shelves or supports, or heavy loads have made things sag. If you do see signs of sagging, buy some 3/4″ 1 x 2 (furring strips, or scrap wood works too), cut them in appropriate lengths, coat one side with glue, force them into position at the back of the cabinets or on the back side of the front supports and screw them in place.

If the door still sticks, you will have to sand/chisel/plane the edge of door so it clears the cabinet frame.

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