Bathroom Floor Replacement

The following directions were written for a mobile home bathroom floor replacement project. Bathroom floors are the most common floor problem in mobile homes. However, the same process works just as well for floors in any room of the mobile home; it’s just lots easier because you have more room to work and don’t have

Bathroom Floor Repair

For most floors in a mobile home, I think wood laminate flooring makes sense. It looks good, is reasonably easy to install, and is easy to clean. I wrote How to Install Laminate Flooring to show exactly how it can be done and how it looks in a mobile home. Unfortunately, today’s laminates won’t stand

Mystery water leak

A reader writes “i have a 2000 clayton home and i wet spot in the master bedroom doorway where the carpet meets the tile but i can not find the water leak. checked under the house no signs of water leaking all dry. the spot was wet for a day or two and dried up