Completed Renovation A-105

The pictures below take you on a walkthrough of this home after all the repairs were completed. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version. Note that your browser may resize the image to fit your screen, so you may have to click it a second time to see the full detail.

Standing by the master bedroom door looking into the kitchen and down the hall. In this renovation, the owner chose to re-use the original cabinets.

Standing just inside the front door, looking across the living room to the dining area. The door leads to the master bedroom.

Rather than trying to re-build the cabinets and replace the doors, the decision was made to pretend it is really open shelving. Of course, that means loosing about 50% of the above counter cabinet space.

The kitchen is looking much better with new appliances. The new rangehood presumably has a baffle so the exhaust duct is no longer directly open to the outside.

Notice how the house style door dresses up the room. New appliances and lots of sunshine help too.

The hall bath wall was repaired by salvaging a sheet of vinyl covered sheetrock from the laundry room. That probably made sense since a bathroom needs water resistant walls. However, the wall panels are both glued and stapled to the studs, so it is VERY hard to remove them without damage.

Laundry room looks much better with all the wire covered up. The switch by the panel is for the evaporative cooler. Obviously placed there by someone who doesn’t understand what a pain it will be to walk to the back of the house every time you want to adjust the cooling in the summer.

The contract said steps, so these are steps. You can see where a little more detail in the contract might have been beneficial. I wish the gap between the vent strip and the top step was smaller. On the supersize picture you can see there is plenty of room for a mouse or wasps to enter here.

With nice house style doors, good drywall work, and new carpet and vinyl, this bedroom is looking much better.

The kitchen and dining room are ready for the new owners.

Master bedroom showing the walk in closet and master bath. I would have chosen a lighter colored carpet, but this is what the buyers wanted. I also prefer not to have carpet in the bathroom, but carpet sure made the floor preparation easier.

Master bathroom vanity with new sinks, mirrors, and faucets. If you read the contractors bid carefully you will remember the mirrors were supposed to have trim around them. Oh well.

Master Bath with re-built ceiling, new walls, new toilet, and a functional floor duct.

Looking NW out of the new front door.

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