Renovation Overview A-105

The pictures and descriptions below will give you a feel for what the home looked like before any work was done. For fun you might pretend you are thinking of buying this house and make a list of all the work it needs. Then compare that to the contractors proposal.
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This picture was taken a couple of weeks after the one on the left. You can see the effect of the

Looking East with the back door from the laundry room to the right and the front (north) side of the house on the left.

Looking Southwest at the front of the house. Master bedroom windows first on the left, then the Living room, and then the two back bedrooms.

The door to the water heater compartment is missing. Notice the wall damage on the right and the floor damage.

After pulling some weeds it is obvious the front door needs steps or a deck and the door itself has been damaged by wind or during the move.

Just inside the front door we see a few problems! You are looking across the living room toward the master bedroom. The dining area is on the right.

Walking across the living room toward the master bedroom you can now see the doors to the master bath and walk in closet are trimmed out. The marriage line at the ceiling is not finished and there is ceiling damage from water leaks.

Standing in the master bedroom looking into the master bath on the left and the walk in closet on the right. The shower is between the two doors.

Looking into the master bathroom. The garden tub should have mirrors on both walls. Notice the water damage to the floor.

Looking from the master bedroom into the walk in closet. Notice especially the serious ceiling damage at the top left.

Standing by the garden tub in the master bath. The door to the walk in closet is on the left. Notice the serious water damage to the ceiling. This is part of the same problem showing in the previous picture.

Now you are standing in the far (SE) corner of the dining room looking back (NW) to the front door. The master bed and bath area is on the right. The kitchen and hall to the other bedrooms is to the left.

Now you have moved to the NE corner of the living room and are looking south into the dining room, with the kitchen on the right. The master bedroom area is on the left.

Now you are standing on the centerline of the home, between the living room and dining room, looking west across the kitchen and down the hall to the 2 other bedrooms, the hall bath, and the laundry room.

The kitchen is on the south side and has the potential to be a bright and sunny room. In this picture you are standing in the door of the master bedroom looking SW. The dining room windows are on the left.

Standing in the hallway looking back across the kitchen to the dining room.

Standing in the kitchen looking across the dining room toward the master bedroom.

Looking west down the hall. The furnace is on the immediate left, then the hall bath. The laundry room and back door are at the far end. The two other bedrooms are on the right.

Standing in the first bedroom looking back at the hall. Shows the furnace, a tiny slice of the kitchen, and the bedroom closet.

Standing inside the 2nd bedroom looking back at the hallway. You can see the furnace on the left and the hall bath just to the right of the furnace. One more doorless closet to deal with.

View into the hall bath.

Vanity area of the hall bath

The laundry room. The back door is out of sight on the right and the hall bath is behind the wall on the left. The washer/dryer hookups are on the far wall..
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Roland Martinez
I need some babinet work and drywall work done. I am a dissabled Veteran so I am going through the VA. I have been granted a go ahead. I would like a quote. Please let me know if this is possible.
Not from me I’m afraid. Readers forget this is the internet and I probably live thousands of miles from them (New Mexico). Besides, my old knees don’t like that kind of work anymore

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