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How Your Furnace Works

When you decide the house is too cold, you walk to the thermostat and increase the temperature. In the old days, that meant you slid a lever on a mechanical thermostat. You will hear/feel a click when the switch inside the thermostat closes. On newer homes, the thermostat may be a digital model. In any […]

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Furnace Startup Suggestions

Mobile home furnaces, especially the newer high efficiency ones, are designed to get the most heat possible from the fuel they burn. This is important with the way gas prices have increased. It is only possible if the furnace is cleaned and kept in good condition. The “squirrel cage” fan used in furnaces looses efficiency […]

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How to light the pilot light

Gas furnaces are by nature dangerous. To make them work safely they are designed with a variety of clever systems that prevent accidents. Tampering with the safety systems is extremely dangerous. The pilot light in a furnace is the small flame that burns all the time. When you turn up the thermostat, the gas valve […]

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Troubleshooting Furnace Problems

Pilot won’t stay lit. Hold down the button, light, hold for a minute, let up. If the pilot goes out, it’s the thermocouple. This is a $7 part. Pilot stays on but the furnace doesn’t come on, step 1. Do you hear a click when you raise the thermostat setting? If no, the transformer failed. […]

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Crossover Duct

Double wide mobile homes have a large crossover duct that transfers heated or cooled air from one side to the other. It is one of those items that may be installed by the factory, the dealer or the setup crew. Improperly done it can be the source of many problems and there is lots of […]

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