Mobile Home Air Conditioning

Manufactured home air conditioning Air conditioning in mobile homes is usually installed by an independent air conditioning contractor, although some dealers have their own crews to do this. Service calls about water in the heating ducts are not uncommon and mean the drain for the condensed water is not working properly. If you have taken

Sticking Cabinet Doors

When cabinet doors in a mobile home stick the cure depends on the cause. Sanding or planing the door probably isn’t the best solution. In a new home, or one that has just been moved, the sticking door is probably a fairly simple adjustment problem. A home is twisted and bounced around during transport and

Loose Cabinet Doors

If cabinet doors become loose, try tightening the screws that hold them. In many cases this will fix the problem. If you find that the screw(s) just turn without tightening, the threads are stripped and more effort will be required to fix the problem. Matches, not wood dowel, have been the usual wood filler material

Mobile Home Appliances

Manufactured home appliances Mobile home appliances are generally the same as those used in site built homes and instructions for their care and repair are included with the owners manuals. The exception is the range hood. Particularly in older homes the range hood used in mobile homes is much thinner that standard house range hoods.

Mobile Home Setup

Manufactured home setup Who is responsible? As more and more rules and regulations are imposed on mobile home park and lot developers the responsibilities for getting a mobile home properly set up have become more difficult and expensive. Since obtaining a loan to purchase the property depends on meeting all these requirements, mistakes can be


The dealer is responsible for any promises the salesman made that were beyond what the factory provides. Steps, awnings, etc. may be promised and then not delivered. Decks, skirting (underpinning) etc. are normally provided by the dealer or a contractor working for him. It is to your advantage to find out and record exactly who

Mobile Home Foundations

Manufactured home foundations This material is provided as an informative example of the considerations that go into the foundation for a mobile home. It probably will not apply to your locale, as codes and standards vary from place to place and get updated over time. This is intended to give you an idea of what

Mobile Home Leveling

Manufactured home leveling Mobile homes get out of level for a variety of reasons. It may be caused by a failure to compact the ground properly before setting the home. Many times it is caused by water getting under the home. Hoses drip, drainage slopes the wrong way and channels water under the mobile home,

Mobile Home Manufacturers

Manufactured home manufacturers The manufacturer is responsible for the home itself. The appliances in it will be covered by their manufacturers warranty. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage in transit or what happens on the dealers lot. Manufacturers and dealers love to blame each other so at least some manufacturers video tape the inside